Atmosphere replacement odour filters

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Sense the Difference
Carbon Odour Filter for the ATMOSPHERE™ Air Purifier.

Works for up to a year to eliminate odours that linger from pets, cigarettes and even just the daily cooking.

Simply the Best

  • Filter features 1900g of activated coconut carbon with a surface area of 1.6 million square metres to adsorb contaminants in the air
  • 50% better against common household odours
  • Reduces toxins; formaldehyde by more than 70%, dioxins by more than 75% and ozone by more than 90%
  • Life of the filter is 1 year to 4 months depending on the extent of use

Replacement Carbon Odour Filter

Scheduling Filter Replacement
If used continuously, the ATMOSPHERE Carbon Filter should be replaced approximately every four months.
If used for eight hours or less, per day, the filter may last for approximately one year.
It is recommended that the ATMOSPHERE Carbon Filter be replaced every year regardless of usage.

The ATMOSPHERE Carbon Filter is not washable or reusable.

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