iCook® 7 Piece Starter Set

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Cleverly crafted cookware for a healthier lifestyle.
This iCook® 7 Piece Set Includes the base necessities for creating gourmet meals.

  • Exclusive VITALOK™ cooking method uses less added water than traditional cooking methods preventing nutrients from breaking down and helping to retain flavour.
  • Unique multi-ply construction features high grade surgical steel and a fully encapsulated OPTITEMP™ aluminium base.
  • The OPTITEMP cooking base helps improve heat distribution allowing you to stack one pan on top of another and cook an entire meal on one burner.
  • Cook®’s classic style and ergonomically shaped handles and knobs deliver a lifetime of superb cooking performance.

This set includes:

  • iCook® 1 Litre Saucepan With Lid
  • iCook Junior Sauté Pan With Lid
  • iCook Senior Sauté Pan With Lid
  • iCook Junior Dome Lid