iCook® 5 Piece Knife Set

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  • Retail Price $ 600.00

The iCook® Knife Set is a great addition for any busy kitchen. Comfortable to use, the forged steel blades of the 5-Piece Knife Set combine strength with balance. The top of the bolster is curved, allowing the user to grip the knife effectively and the handles have a specifically designed curvature on the underside to give the user added control.

  • Versatility of 5 knives - each knife in the set has a particular strength and purpose, allowing the user to always get the best cut available in a given situation.
  • The handles have a specifically designed curvature on the underside, which adds control and stability, especially when cutting larger, harder foods.
  • The cutting edge is curved to match the natural action of the wrist while cutting. This curvature also helps prevent the need to involve the elbow and shoulder when cutting.
  • The tip of the blade is lower than the handle, creating more control for delicate cutting.
  • Premium forged, German stainless steel blade – combines strength with balance.

This versatile 5 piece knife set includes a:

  • Chef Knife 9-inch blade– multipurpose knife ideal for slicing, dicing and mincing.
  • Santoku Knife 7-inch blade – best for foods that stick to knives.
  • Slicer Knife 8-inch blade – best for slicing softer foods like bread, tomatoes and cake.
  • Petty Knife 5-inch blade – best for boning meats, trimming fat and cutting fruit.
  • Paring Knife 4-inch blade – best for peeling fruits, vegetables and sculpting garnishes.
  • Storage Tray

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