NUTRIWAY® Vitamin C Plus Extended Release - 120 Tablets

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120 Tablets
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NUTRIWAY® Vitamin C Plus Extended Release tackles allergies, flu and colds head on. One tablet of NUTRIWAY Vitamin C Plus Extended Release provides the body with 500mg of vitamin C slowly and gently throughout the day, ensuring that vitamin C is always available as the body needs it. Now there’s a better way to keep your defences strong!

  • One tablet convenience means no need to take multiple tablets, several times per day.
  • Extended release means slow, steady release for 8 hours.
  • Improves utilisation and avoids the waste associated with large doses.
  • Gentle absorption throughout the day means no stomach or digestive upset.
  • Contains beneficial plant-based nutrients making it closer to the natural nutrient spectrum found in whole fruits than supplements containing just isolated vitamin C.
  • Each tablet includes vitamin C plus plant-based nutrients from oranges, lemons, grapefruit and acerola cherries grown and harvested on our own certified organic farms.

Does not contain lactose, fructose, artificial flavours, artificial colours, preservatives, or any artificial sweeteners.


  • Wants a more effective way to keep their body’s natural defences strong.
  • Does not regularly eat fruit or vegetables high in vitamin C.
  • Smokes, because smoking can deplete vitamin C in the body.
  • Wants to relieve the symptoms of cold and flu.


Adults and children over 12 years of age: take one tablet daily.

Is this product GMO free?

NUTRIWAY has always been committed to creating supplements with natural ingredients. That is why we are committed to being a non-GMO brand. Our products comply with and exceed global GMO labelling requirements.

Each tablet contains
Ascorbic Acid (VITAMIN C)500mg
Malpighia Glabra (ACEROLA) fruit extract107mg
- Equivalent to fresh fruit1.8g
Citrus X Paradisi (GRAPEFRUIT) fruit powder17.14mg
Citrus reticulata(MANDARIN) fruit powder17.14mg
Citrus Limon (LEMON) fruit powder0.7mg