SATINIQUE® Overnight Repair Treatment 100ml

Item No. 110677 FULL BV
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A leave-in treatment that helps repair severely damaged hair and split ends while you sleep, and helps protect hair from future damage.

  • SATINIQUE Overnight Repair Treatment was created to Treat hair.
  • Perfect for severely damaged, dry, unmanageable hair.
  • Overnight Repair Treatment works to mend split ends and smooth the cuticle to resist damage.  Fast-absorbing, leaves no residue on pillow, formula works while you rest.
  • Featuring botanicals Pomegranate Extract and Grape Seed Extract in this treatment product.
  • ENERJUVE™: patented complex composed of lipids, 18-MEA and creatine
    Helps repair and restore hair back to its natural, healthy looking state*.
    *U.S. patent 8,263,053
  • Special combination of ingredients strengthen the integrity of each hair shaft and resurface cuticle and damage
    Mends up to 100% of split ends in only one use.
    Hair is more resistant to breakage.
    Stronger cuticle helps protect hair from future damage.
    Provides long-lasting smoothness and softness.
  • Custom selected botanicals: Unique blend of Pomegranate Extract and Grape Seed Extract
    Pomegranate Extract helps revitalize dull, dry hair.
    Grape Seed Extract helps protect hair against environmental damage.